Watch this video on YouTube Princess Cruise Lines Coral Princess which is on her way to Ft. Lauderdale and estimated

Watch this video on YouTube Oasis of the Seas crew tests Positive now at least 51 up from 14. approx

Watch this video on YouTube Carnivals credit rating from Moodys has been downgraded. With Carnivals 3bln bond sale starting today

Watch this video on YouTube Royal Caribbean extends it’s Cruise with Confidence program to allow cancellation up to 48 hours

With so many cruises being canceled lately, you might find your cruise being canceled yourself. Today we cover if you should take a direct 100% refund or the cruise lines future cruise credit offer. Some offers are as high as 125% FCC.

Over 10,000 passengers and 3,000 crew are still stuck at sea.

Holland Americas Zaandam and Rotterdam get permission to transit Panama Canal. As of Friday 4 people has died onboard the Zaandam and 138 more were sick with flu like symptoms.


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